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International jobs for high-skilled professionals and engineers

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“How to get a Job as a high-skilled professional or engineer in Germany and Austria”

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Would you like to work in a German speaking Country?

You are a Qualified and Skilled Professional with at least 3-5 years experience in a profession which is listed in the German White List and you would like to work and live in a German speaking Country? Then you belong to the 170,000 professionals in the STEM area that are currently missing in the German labor market. The labour market in the German speaking area offers interesting career opportunities for skilled professionals. The JOBSEEKER supports your job search and helps you to optimise your whole application process. Our JOBSEEKER program increases your success by up to 100 %. To adapt your CV with training and professional experience for the German employer local application standards, you have the opportunity to ask our career coach for assistance. Get your expert advice here! If you meet the following 2 criteria, you are our ideal candidate:

  1. Your job is on the White List.
  2. Your education corresponds to one of these levels:

Experts Are persons with at least four years of higher education or comparable qualifications. Specialists Are persons with a master’s or technician’s training, a university degree or a comparable qualification. Professionals Are persons with at least two years’ vocational training or a comparable qualification.


Participants of the JOBSEEKER program have one Noticeably higher chance of up to 100% Well-paid job. Holders of a job search visa are entitled to one Blue Card EU for Germany or a red and white red card For Austria with an offer of equalization in the Country.


The Jobseeker program offers:

  • Placement on the German labor market
  • Supporting your application activities
  • Optimizing the application documents
  • Preparation for Interviews and Assessment Center
  • Support for resettlement
  • Immigration Service
  • Support for the Jobseeker Visa
  • German Intensive Course
  • Career Coaching Application Training

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